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satya na prayogo

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There are Many Gujarati books in the world but I strongly recommended you to read satya na prayogo or English version of by Mahadev Desai the title of Engllish An Autobiography of Mahatama Gandhi.

1).Satya na prayogo(સત્ય ના પ્રયોગો)

It is the best seller book in the world and translated into so many languages and I read this book four to five times. Once you read this book you find the best way to live your life. In this book, Mahatma Gandhi experiments with his life, truth and fasting to food. He talked about self-realization, introspection, and all about the spiritual world.

How change my life by reading this Gujarati book review?

This book provides many chapters to self-development,life-management, spiritual-life, social-life, and how he can gentle by his experiment.

It all about his experiment on his truth and foods I read that book two or more times practice to my self to like I don’t tell wrong with anyone and anytime. In that time a little bit awkward but after some i work with honestly.

One more experience in my life after reading the book change the viewpoint of any situation he doesn’t force anyone to change lifestyle but all the idea of putting in his mind practice it and then said that it is best practice for all.

Best Thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi

“In Gentle way, you shake the world.”

Gandhi says that you not need to change anyone only chage in me and this is the way to change the world

Live as if you die tommorrow, learn as if you live forever.

It is quote about human life and relationship when we are living together if this day is last for me what I do this type of thought process and if learn anything to new world as you want for entire life.

“The future depends upon what we do in present.”

This is most inspiring quote of my life because in daily life what do it results the future so we know the importance of time

“Speak only if it improves the silence.”

It is most powerful quotes of spiritual world First quest arise if our speech is importance for any kind of task then speak and it improve the silence then speak it.

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